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Fabricated Steel and Aluminum Products


D&B NUMBER: 080820292


331 Primary Metal Manufacturing
332 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
333 Machinery Manufacturing
336 Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

3312 Steel Product Manufacturing from Purchased Steel
3313 Alumina and Aluminum Production and Processing
3323 Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing
3324 Boiler, Tank and Shipping Container Manufacturing
3325 Hardware Manufacturing
3329 Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
3361 Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
3362 Motor Vehicle Body & Trailer Manufacturing
3363 Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
3364 Aerospace Product & Parts Manufacturing
3365 Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing
3366 Ship & Boat Building
3369 Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

D&B NUMBER: 080820292

331210 Iron & Steel Pipe & Tube Manufacturing from Purchased Steel
331313 Alumina Refining & Primary Aluminum Production
332312 Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturing
332410 Power Boiler & Heat Exchanger Manufacturing
332510 Hardware Manufacturing
332919 Other Metal Valve & Pipe Fitting Manufacturing
332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
336111 Automobile Manufacturing
336211 Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
336212 Truck Trailer Manufacturing
336310 Motor Vehicle Gasoline Engine & Engine Parts Manufacturing
336320 Motor Vehicle Electrical & Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
336330 Motor Vehicle Steering & Suspension Components Manufacturing
336340 Motor Vehicle Brake System Manufacturing
336350 Motor Vehicle Transmission & Power Train Parts Manufacturing
336360 Motor Vehicle Seating & Interior Trim Manufacturing
336370 Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping
336390 Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
336411 Aircraft Manufacturing
336413 Other Aircraft Parts & Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
336510 Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing
336611 Ship Building & Repairing
336612 Boat Building
336999 All Other Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
331 Primary Metal Manufacturing
332 Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
336 Transportation


Our entire facility is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and is filled with advanced CNC and laser technologies. That’s important because our equipment versatility and flexibility mean that we can apply the right tools for your project, we can machine large, complicated parts accurately and efficiently, and we can deliver exceptional machining efficiencies and precision tolerances. It’s smart automation at work.

Our non-corrosive metal polymer coating process delivers better performance than hot-dip galvanizing for parts exposed to harsh environments. It’s a process that can stand alone or the piece can be painted, according to your requirements and preferences.


Our process facility is as flexible as you need it to be. And that means, “yes, we can do that.” Our processes are the result of decades of experience on thousands of projects. With such a wide variety of project experience, we’re able to match and adjust processes to a specific application for great efficiency, appropriate security and extreme accuracy.

Whether it’s a project that requires a unique workflow or one that needs a secure, dedicated project island, American Warrior has the capability and experience to optimize the fabrication process to meet your project requirements. Plus, because we’re able to changeover quickly, we don’t need long runs to be efficient. In fact, American Warrior Enterprises is a good choice for “Just In Time” manufacturing supply.

Depending on the project’s needs, we can arrange our processes and facilities to deliver the optimal result for your projects. We can do short-runs. We can set up dedicated project islands for clients. We can even create entire, dedicated production lines. World-class fabrication. World class flexibility. World-class quality. All designed to deliver the optimal result for your projects.

We can also run in the dark for manufacturing efficiencies, high quality and faster turnaround. Because our equipment is computer controlled, and we have webcams throughout the facility, our technicians can monitor performance remotely, in the dark, while our technology “talks” to them in real time, 24/7. More smart automation at work. Every day and night, as necessary, to deliver the quality, reliability and turnaround you expect.


At every station, in every department, American Warrior people make the difference in quality, flexibility and performance. In fact, at American Warrior Enterprises, quality is everything. Our technicians are some of the most knowledgeable and resourceful that you’ll find. That’s why we invest in our employees with training, technology and a genuine commitment to quality through teamwork.

Our quality control is strict, constant and consistent. Our quality teams have two parts: our technicians on the floor and a dedicated team of QC inspectors. Together, they work to deliver the high level of quality that customers have come to expect from American Warrior Enterprises.

And we don’t just have customers; we have partners. Long ago, we committed to actively partnering with our clients so that, working together, we could achieve a higher level of quality, a greater process efficiency, and most important, an extraordinary level of client satisfaction. And while we generally build to print, our design review engineers bring decades of experience and value-added-engineering to every client team and are happy to offer insights and suggestions based on years of experience. And all you have to do is ask.

Put AMERICAN WARRIOR ENTERPRISES to work for your next project.

 The bottom line: If you’re looking for a fabrication partner, you’ve come to the right place. Put American Warrior Enterprises to work for your next project.

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